What Is Auto Surfing Traffic Exchange Sites?

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  1. So, Just What Is Autosurfing?
  2. What Is Paid Autosurfing?
  3. Legality of Autosurfs
  4. Where Does the Money Come From?
  5. Make Money & Get FREE Avdertising
  6. The Pay Back Period


The basic idea behind a paid autosurf program is that you earn a certain percentage of your account level for surfing a pre-determined amount of sites in a given day. So if the requirement is 30 sites, then you will receive your earnings when you have surfed 30 sites for the day. Keep in mind this is autosurfing so all you have to do is log into your account, click on start surfing, and watch the required number of sites. The sites rotate automatically every 6-30 seconds. Now there is nothing that says you have to actually watch all the sites. You’re not required to click on any sites. So that means you can start up a surfing session and walk away from your computer. Eat lunch, watch TV, take a shower, take a nap, go shopping, whatever you need to do. It doesn’t matter because once you hit the required number of sites, your account is automatically credited with your earnings for the day. I’m kidding you right? Well I’m not. It is that easy. I surf 18+ programs in under 2 hours a day. Out of those 2 hours I probably watch about 75 minutes worth of sites. The rest of the time I set it and forget it. Sometimes I work on other things, sometimes I play with the kids, sometimes I do any of the things I listed above.

Autosurfing simply means that you view other people’s websites so that you may promote your own website(s) within the same rotation of sites. Every time you watch one site, you earn an advertising credit to show your own site. Paid autosurfing means you have an option to pay a membership fee. In return for that membership fee, you will earn a daily % of the amount you paid as long as you meet the minimum daily surfing requirement. It’s sort of like an investment but you must surf a certain number of sites every day in order to be credited with your earnings. Your upgrade or your advertising package (membership fee), comes with an expiration term. For example if your $100 upgrade comes with a 365 day expiration term and the program pays out 1% daily, you have the ability to earn $365 off of your $100 upgrade. You may also earn additional advertising credits and commissions by referring people into the program.


I’ve come to understand that most new autosurfers do not fully understand the concept of what paid autosurf programs are all about. I have also found it difficult to explain in clear terms to people that I know personally. In general people want to know the meaning of paid autosurfing, the legality of paid autosurf programs, and they want to have a clear picture of where the money comes from to pay members. My goal with this article is to answer those questions and give you the ability to explain it to other potential autosurfers.

Are  paid autosurfprograms the same as Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, or multi-level programs?

Here are some definitions from Dictionary.com:
Ponzi Scheme: an investment swindle in which early investors are paid with sums obtained from later ones in order to create the illusion of profitability.

Pyramid Scheme: a fraudulent scheme in which people are recruited to make payments to the person who recruited them while expecting to receive payments from the persons they recruit; when the number of new recruits fails to sustain the hierarchical payment structure the scheme collapses with most of the participants losing the money they put in.

Multi-Level program(from Investorwords.com): A sales system under which the salesperson receives a commission on his or her own sales and a smaller commission on the sales from each person he or she convinces to become a salesperson.

Paid autosurf programs are first and foremost an avenue of driving targeted visitors to your website(or websites that you promote). They are traffic exchanges. You view other company’s/peoples websites so that you can advertise your own. The audience is perfect – people who want to earn an income using the internet. When you join a paid autosurf program you are never required to pay any sum of money(a few programs give you a certain number of days to purchase the minimum upgrade unit or they delete your account). You are also never required to recruit anybody else to the program. It is your option to pay a membership fee and earn a daily % off of your account level. Solid, reliable paid autosurf programs have several revenue streams or business ventures, or they reinvest the membership fees to earn a higher % than what they are paying out. Because you are not required to pay a fee, you are not required to recruit, and(in some cases) the money comes from various revenue streams, paid autosurf programs are not ponzi, pyramid, or multi-level.



One of the first questions that people ask me when I tell them about paid autosurfing is “Where do they get the money to pay you?” The answer is not cut and dry and it differs from program to program. The first source of income is member upgrades. Now if a program is well-managed, the owner will take a portion of the upgrade money and put it in a safe place like a bank. But a good majority of the money should be invested to earn a higher daily percentage than what they are paying out. So if a program is paying out 1% daily, then the investments the owner is making should be bringing in a higher percentage. Another course of action an owner can take is to invest the upgrade money in other autosurfing programs. The owner must then commit to meeting the surfing requirements for each of those programs every single day.

Also keep in mind that not all members will surf every day. So anytime a member doesn’t meet the daily surfing requirement it’s more money in the pocket for the owner. Another point to make is that upgrades do not last forever. They typically last 365 days but some programs are less especially the 3%+ programs. That forces members to upgrade again when their original upgrade term has expired. Therefore more money is put into the system which the owner takes and properly invests. Many programs already have a solid business foundation when they start up. They are backed by other ventures including web hosting & design, marketing tools, other income generating opportunites, games, and auctions. Studiotraffic even has their own payment processor and online store. I don’t recommend them – they have some issues.

Some companies never intend to get as large as 12Daily Pro, Alien Trust, Dad’s & Dave’s, etc., but they setup an autosurf program to attract attention to their other businesses IE: web hosting, web design, templates, etc.

Upgrade money can also be reinvested into other autosurf programs. As the owner, if you offer 1%  you make sure you’re investing a portion into other higher ROI (return on interest) autosurf companies. In turn, you will want your members to sign up under you as this will generate more FREE income.  As the owner you also make sure you complete your surfing every day. You know that not everybody within your program will complete their surfing every day so your profits should increase each and every day. Maybe the upgrade term lasts 300 days in your program and you reinvest in autosurf porgrams that offers 365 day upgrade terms. Maybe you follow Autosurf 300′s lead and offer members the option to purchase various member levels. There’s all sorts of things an autosurf owner can do to create little revenue streams. The key is to be creative and learn from the successful programs.

Now with all of that said, there are programs that simply pay members with other members’ fresh upgrades. That will not work in the long run and is very close to being considered a Ponzi Scheme. That is exactly why you need to do proper research before sticking money into a brand new program.



Now the other thing you get for watching other people’s sites is the opportunity to shown your own site. If you run your own web site you can show that. If you have some affiliate programs you want to show, you can do that. If you have no clue what to show, you simply promote other paid autosurf programs that you have joined. When you sign up for a program, you receive a referral link. You will earn a commission on any upgrades your referrals make. You will also earn extra advertising credits based on how many sites your referrals surf.


Now let’s consider your account level. Some autosurf programs give you $5-$10 to start with. Some programs give you that free money after you upgrade. Some programs give no free money. Free members typically have to surf many more sites to earn their money for the day plus you earn less advertising credits. Some sites don’t even allow free members to earn. The objective is to earn money. And so yes, it takes money to make money. Most programs pay 1% of your account level per day. So if you upgraded by $100 it would take you about three months to earn that $100 back. But after that it’s all profit. Some programs offer more than 1% daily. You earn your money back faster in those programs. But be careful because the higher the percentage the higher the risk.